You Can’t Fix Stupid

I’m not even going to sugarcoat the story I have to tell…

This consists of an interaction that takes place between three different customers (four people), my boss, and me.  Note, we’re talking about the GM – not just a manager on duty.

The store only has three associates after I come in, this is typical of any week night after animals have been cleaned and fed.  We receive our shipments on Thursdays though, so when I’m able to I try to take on additional roles to fill the gaps.  I had just finished ringing Customer 1, and wished her a good evening…

Customer 2: “Hello, I need someone to get me something from back in the store.”

Me: “Sure, I’ll be happy to help!  What can we get you?”

Customer 2: “I need two bags of Basics, Chicken and Pea for Cats.”

Me: “Okay, did you want those in the larger bags?”

Customer 2: “Yes, it has a green stripe on the top.”

Me: “Alright, are you sure about the formula?  I don’t think Basics comes in Chicken, it’s usually Turkey.”

Customer 2: “Yes, I get it here all the time, it’s Chicken.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Walking to the back of the store I pass Customer’s 3 and 4 and inform them that if they are ready, I’ll just be a moment (they were still half way down the main aisle of the store).

Customer 3 & 4: “Alright, take your time!”

Upon reaching the aisle with our Basics formula, I find they are all either Turkey & Potato, or Salmon & Potato.  There is one formula with a green stripe at the top that is a Senior formula.  Rather than automatically assume that this is the bag – since changing proteins can be rather serious for cats, I decide to go back up and confirm what she wanted.  On my way up, I notice that Customer 1 is speaking to Customer’s 3 and 4 who are now in my line.

Me: “Ma’am, it’s as I thought…there is no Blue Basics Chicken and Pea, it’s only Turkey and Salmon protein formulas.”

Customer 2: “No, I didn’t say Blue Basics, did I? I said Basics, I get it here all the time, it’s very expensive.  You obviously didn’t look in the right spot or don’t know what you’re talking about.  I suppose I’m going to have to go all the way back there myself to educate you on where it is, and I’m not very happy about it.”

While she’s on her rambling fit, I had already paged my GM to the front to assist the customer for two reasons: 1 – it was obvious she was going to be an issue and 2 – I had to ring the customers present in my line.  The whole time she continues to ramble on until…

Customer 1: “Ma’am, if you’d stop complaining for two seconds, you’d understand that he did what he could to find your food.”

Customer 2: “Then he needs to get someone–”

Customer 1: “If you were paying attention you’d hear that he already did page an associate up to assist you, maybe if you’d shut up you’d notice that instead of bitching.  I don’t work here, but you’ve gotta be polite when talking to people.”

Around this time, my GM has arrived at the front, and I nod towards Customer 2, which he proceeds to assist.  Shortly after that, Customer 1 leaves and I proceed to help Customer’s 3 and 4.  Sadly, my handheld had stopped working and I had to manually type in all of the barcodes on the purchases.  Both of them were very understanding.  I noticed my boss carrying the bags of food (Natural Balance) out to the ladies car.  A page came on that he was needed in the back of the store.  I tendered 3 and 4’s transaction and they left.  Shortly after my boss comes back up to me…

GM: “So…that lady has issues.  I tell her we’ll find whatever it is she’s looking for if she’d just describe the bag to me.  When she tells me it’s “Basics” I automatically think of Blue Basics, and she yelled that it wasn’t.  She then said that it was this bag of Natural Balance, which I can’t even see anyplace on the bag it says the word ‘basics.'”

Me: “Yeah, I tried to explain that too…”

GM: “Then she says she’s legally blind and that that would explain that…fine.  She has me check the bags over for holes, and they looked good.  Then as I’m ringing her up, her savers card can’t be found, and she complains about that and how we never get it right and that she’s going to shop at the other store from now on.  Then I ask her which car is hers and where she wants them in the car…she tells me ‘the red one.’  I then ask again where she wanted them and she said ‘the. Red. Car!’  So I say, ‘The. Trunk?  Or. The. Front. Seat?’  So, she has me toss them in the front seat…”

Moments later…

GM: “So…wait…she told me she’s legally blind – what the hell is she doing driving?!

Me: “Well…the state must be giving drivers licenses away if my grandma still has one.  Crazier shit has happened…”

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