Wrap it Up

It is now officially October 1st, and as of the time I am writing this post the United States Government has been shut down for one hour and forty-three minutes.  You darn well better believe I have something to say about it.  Sadly though, it will have to wait until at least later this evening due to some pressing matters that I have to attend to before hand.

In the meantime, I would refer you to a statement made by Lewis Black… or rather two – which I think sums up the next phase of our government that would be most appropriate.

“What we should do is charge the government, and electroshock everybody!”

Indeed.  I don’t think there’s a sane person up on capital hill anymore.  Not a member of congress, not a person in the house and certainly not the “commander and chief” who has been nothing of the sort since his time in office began.

“I think it’s time we elect a dead president.  My pick would be Ronald Reagan.”

I salute you sir.  What better way to keep the world tranquilized than to instill the corpse of a madman in office?  I thought Donald Trump was the reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan anyway.  It’s a shame he dropped out of the race, at least he has experience with being in debt and getting back out of it.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to hear what William Chafe will say about this in his next edition of “The Unfinished Journey.”

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