The Black Friday Elephant

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas songs are playing annoyingly early on the radio, Christmas ads are all over the place, and traffic is getting worse and worse. It must be getting close to Thanksgiving. But as we approach Thanksgiving and get the holiday spirit beaten out of us, let us all remember that the final blow comes after stuffing our faces with food…or does it? Maybe not so much this year.

One of the most wonderful things about living in a country where morals aren’t really challenged much is the ability to undercut and effectively numb the public to holidays. What’s the best way to do that? Forget that Thanksgiving Day crap, why be thankful for what you have now, when you can be thankful to Wal-Mart for letting you get shanked, trampled on, beaten up and drained of cash a day early – and likewise you can get new things to be thankful about all year long. I am of course talking about the decision of some places to be open on Thanksgiving Day, one of those places is Wal-Mart – I am sure it is no surprise at the time you are reading this.

I have been monitoring the social media trends since this announcement came out that Wal-Mart will be opening its doors on Thanksgiving Day to find a various assortment of comments. Some of these make me sick to my stomach though honestly – so lets talk about those real quick. Perhaps my favorite of these was the following:

…it’s a time of togetherness. My family and I will all eat together, relax for an hour or so and then go shopping.

My dear social media friend, let me address how mind numbingly delusional you are and what led you on to be that delusional about your family situation.

A time of togetherness – family togetherness – in your sense is just being around your family. I can sit in a room with my Aunt Susan and my Uncle David – the later of which I honestly can’t stand and by your definition that is having a time of togetherness. So your Thanksgiving will consist of stuffing your face with food, sleeping on the couch or in your mashed potatoes for two hours, and then gathering everyone into the minivan and parading through traffic, cursing out people standing in line because you want the best deal, and then upping your chances to get that great deal by increasing your numbers. Spare me the excuses, you’re not interested in togetherness, you’re interested in stuff and getting your shopping out of the way for the holidays because while you like your relatives, they aren’t worth the extra couple dollars that the item costs normally. That or you so much don’t know them or care about them, you’d rather get them a big TV instead of a meaningful gift like a music box or a photo. Yeah, you’re a great family.

My husband is a factory worker, so this works out for us as he doesn’t get Friday off to go shopping.

A factory worker, really? So instead of taking a day to rest, you’d rather drag him around shopping on Thanksgiving Day, a day where he should be thankful to have a job, where you should be thankful he has a job and is bringing home money to support you and the rest of your family. Right, makes perfect sense. By logic, your argument is that he wouldn’t have a chance to shop on Black Friday, God forbid that you’d have to spend a normal amount of money – let alone the fact that the days leading up to Christmas Eve are CONSTANTLY RIDDLED WITH SALES.

…I won’t go out, unless there’s something my kids need. lol

Ah, nice. What a great parent you must be. Don’t take the heat yourself, wouldn’t want people to think you’re insane – lets let them think your kids are spoiled brats instead. That’ll make them look lovely, and make you look like a great parent. The only things your kids would possibly need on Thanksgiving my dear, is a real mother and a real father who are about good family values spending time with them. If you’re so insistent on product acquisition – then the only thing they could possibly need is cold medicine or a thermometer. But seriously, don’t blame your ignorant and greedy disposition on your children, they don’t need to have your burdens piled onto their own.

With that, before I move on to Black Friday, I wanted to talk about the “controversy” over Wal-Marts asking for donations for their employees.

How stupid is the public? This is reality people, you’re too blind staring at that 70″ VIZIO that’s on sale for $1398 here versus $1699 at Best Buy to notice. Or maybe you’re just a terrible person and don’t care – I don’t know, make your call…you’re either delirious or greedy. This is exactly what Wal-Mart does. Did you seriously think all of the research and studies that have been done on Wal-Mart were lies? It’s a fact, Wal-Mart pays the lowest wages possible to employees and gives out the lowest possible raises that the state will allow them. Many employees as a result are on government aid including food stamps and government housing and even more recently…*gasp* OBAMACARE. Now you might ask, why should I care? Well you should, because the issues go on. For starters, most minimum wages are around $7.25 an hour, that means for the holidays these people are making a whole $10.87 an hour. Notice how that’s not even what most consider overtime? That’s because most retailers don’t do double time, it’s time and a half, and in most cases $10.87 is a starting wage at most retailers. So let’s think about this for a second…

So that TV you wanted that’s $1398 normally…you’re saving $300 right? Well…maybe not. See you’re taxed on that during the sale, right? Okay…so tax is everywhere, big deal. Well, you’re not done being charged for that TV. See, every March/April comes this time called Tax Collection. Remember how I mentioned that most employees are on government aid? You’re about to pay the rest of the cash for that TV if you owe back taxes, if not…then you’ve been paying on that TV all year. Suddenly that TV just became $1498 or $1548. Still less right? Well…it’s not done yet. You have other taxes too right? Well, Wal-Mart drives business in America to it doesn’t it? Sparks development, so the state grants Wal-Mart money to build up certain areas…your TV is now paid off. So, it was $1699 at Best Buy, and your final bill at Wal-Mart was…oh…it was $1699. Heh. Oops. Not only that, but you also just supported a company that single handedly kills more American jobs than any other retailer or distributor. Go you, what a way to spread Christmas cheer to others, eh? Especially that family that’s living now from paycheck to paycheck who used to own a small business that knew your mom and dad. Oh well, you got your TV cheaper didn’t you, and that’s all that matters isn’t it?

Lastly, Black Friday. I am so tired of this Ignorant Fools “Holiday.” We’ll use our friendly VIZIO TV again…marked down to $998 this time. Do you actually realize what that mark down means? It means that the company can afford to drop the price that much and still make a small profit on it. Does that make you feel smarter about your purchasing decision? Get real.

The marketing campaigns of Black Friday are to shop for Christmas…what irritates me the most about it however is the total lack of thought that people put into shopping during Black Friday. It’s all about spending less, and since you can get more for less, the thought goes away. “I love you baby, so I bought you this awesome microwave!” Are you kidding me? “Honey, you’ve been so helpful this year, and I love you so much, so here’s a new Samsung Home Theater System! I know we already have one, but this one is better!” Or my favorite…”Hey champ, daddy got you the new Xbox One! Go play it instead of reading and going outside to play with that basketball hoop your dumb cousin bought you two years ago!” America. Stop!

It’s Christmas.

It’s not about you getting yours. It’s not about your family getting theirs.
It’s not about keeping the stores open.
It’s not about getting the best deals.
It’s about family. It’s about being together and talking.
It’s about embracing the time you have left on this earth, and I promise you…you can be 14 or 29, 36 or 60. The clock is ticking. I don’t ever recall anyone on their death bed saying “bring that precious laptop over to me that Johnny bought back in ’97.” Grow up America.

And before I sign off of this, I will leave you with this.
Keep Christ in Christmas. Don’t expect me to respect your faith and beliefs if you won’t respect mine. If you do celebrate Christmas, spend some time remembering what the story of Christmas is. Not where the holiday actually came from or the historical sense, remember what it actually represents. That’s what you should be focusing on, if nothing else for the holidays. Without knowing that, everything you have isn’t worth spit in the dirt.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving to all.

2 thoughts on “The Black Friday Elephant

  1. To add to this, here’s just a few reports of what happened this Black Friday…all in the name of “getting things cheap” – just how cheap were they?

    – Shopper Pepper Sprayed, Arrested in Argument Over TV at New Jersey Walmart
    – Thanksgiving Day bargain shoppers send 11 year-old to hospital
    – Teen returning home from Black Friday shopping fell asleep at wheel, killed in wreck
    – Man Stabbed During Black Friday Event at Carlsbad Mall
    – Newport, Arkansas Walmart employee injured during Black Friday sales
    – Scenes of chaos during chain store’s Black Friday sales in Ireland
    – Several injured in Black Friday-related shooting outside Kohl’s in Illinois
    – Black Friday: Virginia Man Stabbed In Walmart Parking Lot Over Space
    – Rialto Walmart brawl sends one police officer to hospital
    – Shopper carrying TV home from Target shot in Las Vegas

    That brings up at least one death and fifteen injuries.

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