Disclaimer and Copyright

This site claims no copyrights to any images posted on it or used on it here-within unless we explicitly state otherwise.  We will make every effort to ensure any copyrights are left in tact, and any authors credited (especially true if the authors are not mentioned explicitly in the copyright statement below).  However, we are a reposting website, and from time to time someone may post something that inevitably does not belong to them, and not provide credit.  If you find that your artwork has been posted here without permission or without proper credit/copyright, please contact us.

We will be taking copyright claims very seriously, regardless of the media.

The safest rule to remember is if you are unsure if you should credit, you should probably credit.  Just make sure that your credit goes to the right person.

This is a fan site that serves the fandom, and as such we feel that we only serve the fandom when we work in co-operation with that fandom.


Official Artwork

Official artwork is copyright absolutely to Bandai Namco Entertainment, Incorporated.

They may colloquially be copyright to both Namco Tales Studio Ltd and Wolf Team, especially in instances where content is published from titles where either studio's name was still used.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tales of the Abyss
  • Tales of Destiny
  • Tales of Eternia
  • Tales of Graces
  • Tales of Hearts
  • Tales of Phantasia
  • Tales of Rebirth
  • Tales of Symphonia
  • Tales of Vesperia
  • Tales of Xillia 

All rights are reserved to Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc.  Likewise, content may be removed without notice per request from the copyright holder.

Fan Submissions

Material that is submitted to the website for posting that have been created by entities other than those who have license from the series copyright holders retain rights to the artwork itself.  In other words, while the copyright and trademark of the characters, scenery, or iconography used in fan works may be copyright to Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc. the content is published under free license.  Content is protected under the Creative Commons license with limited liability for the copyright holder.  This website nor the owner claim any rights to any material posted, and likewise claim zero liability.

This section of copyright includes the following types of submissions: artwork, still images, short animations, stories, poems, reviews, white papers, and images of individual likeness.