Feeling Down?

It has been a rough last few months as a Tales fan, hasn't it? So we have survived (barely) the closure of Link, and now those of us on the other side of the dateline are also dealing with the closure of Rays in May. It has been a very rough week to be a Tales fan in the States. Taking all of this into consideration, I will be prioritizing Link, followed by Rays. I will then move onto Asteria before getting to artwork from each individual series. We're still looking for help, so if you are someone interested in keeping up a record of these awesome games, contact me!


Welcome to the Tales of Images picture repository.  A mouthful of fancy words to say - a gallery site dedicated to the Tales of Series.  One guy does stuff here right now, so give me some time to get all of the kinks worked out and everything looking pretty..er.  If you are interested in helping, you probably came from the Tales of Link Facebook group...in that case, you should message me on there.