October on MelodicHavoc

So, I figure I’d post up things I want to cover this month in hopes that I can use it as a checklist to make sure I actually bring all of this up.

First, A Review of the Lecture by former Prime Minister of Greece: George Papanderou – including an outline of what his thoughts are on the current United States government shut down and economic crisis. How Greece went through a similar economic downfall and his methods of seeking the assistance of the European Union in order to prevent his country from going totally bankrupt.

Next, The Top Fifty Songs You Should Know – a summary of the fifty most prolific songs that best define the evolution of music in the past eighty years. We’ll go over Elvis to the Beatles, Ella to Botti, B-52’s to Hanson and then some. Make sure you look in to why these tracks are the most symbolic in history.

Then, a delayed review for one of my friends Sirius and his latest (no longer brand new) album Skilled Psychosis. I’ll get to tell him exactly what I think of him and his abilities. No bias, no bull.

That and more, including my panic attacks over mid terms coming this October on Melodic Havoc.

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