New Job, New School, New Site-ish…

If the last several months have been any indication as to the whereabouts of where my life is headed, then I really need a flight attendant to go over the safety instructions with the seat belt again.  February has seen my departure from where I’ve spent the better half of my last eight years (a job which constantly made me want to bash my face into a pit full of hot coals during the ladder half).  August of this past year saw me attending a new school…well, it depends how you look at that.  I grew up here, so the school nor the campus is exactly foreign to me.  Things don’t seem to be quite as backwards as they were becoming at Maryville, which is certainly a plus.

On the horizon, there are about seven research projects.  Four of them are due this semester, the remaining three are either to be done in Fall or Spring of next academic year, or the following Fall.  That means good things for that projects tab up in the header.  Hopefully Summer will yield some good photo ops.  I know I should find beauty in snow, but it’s cold, it’s blinding in the morning and I hate Winter.

At any rate, to anyone who still reads this…you deserve a medal.  Seriously.  My estimates are you’ve read the posts on here about thirty-six times or so.  I doubt I have any fans that are that excited to read what I have to say anyway.  As for the lovely spammers that inevitably show up on my blog…let me go ahead and acknowledge you:

Your SEO is dumb.  No, this post is not interesting – why would you say that?  And no, I am not interested in a grand piano.

Well I might be interested in a grand piano, but I don’t have any place for one.

And even if I did, I don’t have the money for it.  If you haven’t noticed I’m a poor college student.

Screw it, I just am not interested in a grand piano…

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