It’s Official, We’ve Lost Our Minds

This has been a very entertaining last few weeks, depending on how you look at it.  However, if you are a fan of Japanese culture, chances are it’s been more entertaining for you than others.  I mean, boy oh boy…you’ve had the new Smash Brothers game come out, news on Kingdom Hearts III, and Yamaha’s grand scheme in making everyone feel they have musical talent appeared on Letterman.  Truly it’s been one for your record books.

Newsflash, Japan is still a country island in the Pacific.  It’s green on most maps – if that helps some of you who did not pass your geography course because you were watching bad shows on Cartoon Network.

Another tip, it’s near a country called Korea – the northern country of which has an issue with anyone having a good time (I’m pretty sure Kim Jong Un has small-man syndrome (only the witty will understand that joke)).  The latest on that is they still really really want the United States to bow before them, along with the rest of the world.

Here’s another, the country just north of them – Russia, has been making strides at strengthening itself to be on par with the American armed forces, and is engaged in a serious conflict in a country called Ukraine, where you can get killed for saying that you don’t support Russia.  That conflict by the way is one of the most significant conflicts in the world right now, perhaps only second to the ISIS issue – but, I know that’s over the heads of the audience that I was originally addressing – so I’ll get back to it.

China is also near that island – in case you aren’t bright enough to have found it yet.  A country that has essentially taken over the American economy and built everything in your home probably.  Even probably sewn your underwear.

Now that you know where Japan is, you probably have realized it is a far away place, and a big blue ocean in between it.  Good.

So lets talk about some of what I mentioned.  Before that, I’ll admit…I enjoy a good video game, I don’t mind a good story, and I can appreciate animation.  Don’t get me wrong, I went through an anime fad, missed the gaming fad, read the books…did it all.  But I eventually stopped, I knew where the line was.  Once it got to the point where I noticed how much money I was bleeding, I stopped.  All was good with the world then.

What is irritating to me, is that I no longer belong to any of these “otaku” sites anymore, yet in the recent weeks my news feed on Facebook has been absolutely flooded with people talking about video games, anime and more unfortunate matters on network television.

The extremely popular video game series that Nintendo has prided itself on over the years: Smash Brothers had it’s first release since 2008 just last week.  Is the game awesome? Sure.  But people actually are investing so much time in arguing about the game, you’d think that their lives depended on it.  In the past four nights, I’ve seen six separate complaint articles about how “Nintendo Owes Us Different Characters.” – I’m holding my tongue until the end of this rant.  <Insert dramatic effect and tension>

The next thing that showed…as the top trending story of the hour on Facebook at one point – oh boy…was how people were extremely disgruntled over how the franchise Kingdom Hearts was handling it’s third installment.  That’s news?

THIS JUST IN!  Gamers are upset about the games they play because they didn’t make them.  President to speak about this issue shortly in a pressing news conference.  Presidents golf game put on hold, indicates “the matter is too serious to ignore with a leisurely sport.”

The last of these things was…a very depressing display that occurred on David Letterman last night.  I am deliberately linking that video, because I’ll be damned before I let something this stupid force my pages to load slower.  My beef here is not with the music, it’s not with the performer, it’s not even with the awareness, it’s that it was allowed to be given the attention it was, and marketed as if it’s something that should be seen everyday.

“But Michael, it’s culture, that’s like saying you’re not allowed to like things like that.”  No, it’s not.  It’s perfectly fine for things like this to be in the media – that’s not the issue.  It’s when one culture supersedes the culture that is established.  I liken it to a form of cultural warfare – and in this case, it’s an imposition.  I think Letterman described the experience the best – and if you fast forward towards the end of the video, you’ll see – “I feel like I just got off of Willie Nelson’s tour bus.”  What’s even more sick is the people who liked this performance, just Googled Willie Nelson, because they don’t know who he is.

Most cultural stances are fine – or should be fine, but moderation is a must for all good things.

The otaku craze features some of the most obsessive individuals.  I have seriously known people with a kid, who lives with their parents travel to an anime convention or gaming convention on a loan.  Still live with their parents, have a kid of their own, TAKES OUT A LOAN TO GO TO SEE ANIME.  Destructive.

Others will invest the majority of their lives to playing online video games and insist that they’re playing with friends, when most of them they’ve never met.  Case in point?  I’ve had “friends” visit me at school, and at an opportunity to preview some classes that would get them involved with making those games, they stay in their room, and play the games instead.  Destructive.

The priority of their issues lies solely in their cultural obsession, and lest on their own personal issues or the issues that actually impact them.  Not that this includes everyone, but it’s something that needs to be scaled back.  The biggest issue is the emphasis that is being pressed on that same culture.  When it begins impeding everyday life, it’s a problem…and many are getting close to that.  It relates to a moral issue of laziness.

I think it’s said best when I put it like so, and I apologize to anyone offended by this article, but it needs to be said:

“Our enemies want us dead, there are unchecked weapons everywhere in the country, the economy is in shambles, people are without jobs, there’s a deadly disease on the run, but DAMNIT ALL TO HELL THEY BETTER NOT F@&# UP KINGDOM HEARTS!!!”

If this is you, well I’ll let Dr. Zoidberg take care of that…


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